About us

TRENDS Professional & Management Development Training is one of the institutions most distinguished in providing training services both inside and outside the United Arab Emirates. At TRENDS, we realise that the business success of an organisation depends on the effectiveness of systems and the efficiency of personnel at all levels inside such an organisation. That is because we believe that raising the efficiency of personnel is the key to achieve the highest effectiveness and productivity and leads to increase the profitability of this organisation. Our training services aim to enhance specific aspects of trainees, who are the most crucial means for the development and improvement of production efficiency in organisations. The best investments are those made in the human element.

Our Vision

A globally recognised training institute, leading the way with world class and unique services to empower professional excellence.

Our Mission

Our commitment is to align the needs of organisations in the Public & Private sectors to global best practices, and to invest in human talent and potential. We achieve this through consulting our clients to identify their needs and offering world class solutions by engaging with leading partners in the industry.

Our Services

TRENDS is a partner with many international agencies, which grant trainees the opportunity to obtain several internationally accredited certificates and qualifications. Besides, we provide training courses in all countries all over the world, based upon the needs of our clients.

We have a set of non-comprisable values, including:

  • Transparency – We believe in integrity and consistency with all our stakeholders, both internal and external;
  • Inspire – We engage and empower people to achieve results beyond their expectations;
  • Innovation – We lead people with advanced and creative solutions to achieve excellence;
  • Consulting – We identify and understand individuals needs to attain goals and objectives;
  • Sensitivity – We believe in observing the highest standards of awareness of cultural, security and confidentiality needs;
  • Next Generation – We identify optimum best practice, tools, and methodologies to create sustainable development.

Through these values, TRENDS aims to provide:

  • Training through the latest and most advanced services for individuals and institutions in order for them to keep up with the business requirements in today’s world;
  • Improvements on training and developmental processes to the highest professional quality;
  • Internationally accredited professional certificates;
  • On-site, client-oriented training/Special training;
  • Educational workshops; and
  • Forums and conferences

Our portfolio of Programmes include training in the following areas:

  • Specialty (including Legal, Cyber Security, Sustainability, Knowledge Management, 7 more);
  • Educational – we are working with some top Universities to provide Diploma, Masters and MBA awards for some of the key areas above;
  • Professional Development – (including Behavioural Skills such as Change Management, HR topics, Project Management, Communication, and more).

We offer a Consultancy based training approach and can work with you on a range of organisational projects linked to our portfolio.