Advanced Internet Intelligence & Online Investigations Course


Focused on the GCC region and delivered by Toddington International Inc in partnership with TRENDS Professional and Management Development, this advanced 3-day training program will provide attendees with cutting-edge skills to properly collect, analyze and disseminate actionable intelligence and facilitate better decision making across the entire breadth of their organizations.

Course Overview

In today’s information-based economy, online research and analysis skills are essential requirements at every level of every organisation – acquiring useful and relevant Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) requires much more than just an ability to surf the Web. | Aimed at managers, frontline investigators, researchers, and intelligence analysts alike, this advanced three-day programme will provide detailed instruction on effectively using the Internet as an Open Source Intelligence, research, and investigation tool. | Demonstrating advanced search and analysis techniques for mining Web-based and social media information, this comprehensive training programme will also examine a number of case studies that will focus on highlighting and correcting potential pitfalls that can compromise investigative or intelligence gathering efforts.

Learn About

  • Advanced Search Techniques
  • Deconstructing Web Pages to Find Hidden Information
  • Techniques for “De-Anonymizing” Internet Users
  • The “Deep Web”: Public Directories and Databases
  • Multimedia Search Tools and Techniques
  • Crowd Sourcing and the “Real-Time” Internet
  • Online Intelligence Opportunities and Threats
  • Maintaining Security and Protecting Privacy
  • Locating and Linking People, Places, and Things
  • Determining Web Site and User Locations
  • Recovering Lost and Revived Data
  • Capturing, Organizing, and Storing Web-Based Evidence
  • Automated Mapping and Monitoring of Target Web Sites
  • Using RSS Feeds and News Aggregators
  • Forum, Discussion Board, and Newsgroup Search
  • Social Media Intelligence (SOCMINT)
  • Evaluation and Analysis of Internet-Sourced Data
  • Strategies and Tactics for Developing a Research Plan
  • Investigating Blogs, Wikis, and Social Networking Sites
  • Geo-Located Social Media Search and Collection Techniques
  • Thousands of Online Tools and Resources

Who Should Attend

  • Law Enforcements, Government Entities & Officers
  • Security and Intelligence Researchers & Professionals
  • Finance Crime compliance & Analysis Managers and personnel
  • Information Specialists
  • Human Resource Managers
  • Recruiters and Background Check Professionals
  • Auditors & Analysts

Benefits for attendees

  • Attendees will receive free subscriptions to the Echosec Geolocation Social Media Search Tool, the Hunchly Case File Management System and the Toddington International Premium Resources Knowledge Base (A $600 USD Value)
  • One year’s subscription to TII’s premium search resources (A $450 USD Value)
  • Become significantly more efficient at online research, getting the most from “Surface”, “Deep” and “Dark” websites as well as from Social Networking, Web 2.0 and 3.0
  • Learn how to effectively use a variety of freely available tools to archive, compile and properly analyze Internet sourced information.
  • Develop the skills and awareness to use the Web safely when conducting sensitive investigative research including: tools used to examine traffic to a website, and methods to protect privacy online and maintain operational integrity.

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