Certified Knowledge Practitioner (CKP)™


Real-world class exercises included throughout the program

TRENDS Training have partnered with KMI (Knowledge Management Institute) to offer a Certified Knowledge Practitioner Program

Program Overview

Earn our “Core” Certification from the KM Institute, the lower-cost solution for Knowledge Workers and Coordinators of KM initiatives, covering the core of the acclaimed CKM (flagship).

Who Should Attend

The KM Institute CKP is ideal for anyone:

  • tasked to lead or improve KM initiative
  • anyone interested in gaining a solid grasp of common KM principles at an advanced level with actual “hands-on” experience performing KM.
  • CKP Graduates range from KM workers to managers, government to commercial, and just about everyone in-between.

Learn About

  • A Comprehensive overview of KM
  • Your Role on the KM Team
  • Best practices/case studies
  • Real-world exercises
  • KM Bulls & Squirrels™ – and their importance
  • Change Management and Keys to Success
  • A Company-wide “KM Awareness Plan”
  • Social Media and other Hot Topics

Regardless of your organization’s size, structure or purpose, we provide you with the knowledge and skills to lead successful, real-world KM initiatives. And, whether you are new or advanced, anyone can start!

Program Benefits

  • Gain access to “KM101” Online (KMI’s “introduction” course) as optional pre-class study: instructor video, animation and interactivity the latest in e-learning.
  • Completing the pre-class e-prep ensures you and your classmates arrive with a level set understanding of the concepts and terms, regardless of background and experience.
  • Knowledge Hub – Continued Learning
    • Gain access to the new Knowledge Hub – your “go to” location for:
      • Continuous Learning – “Enrichment” Videos, by acclaimed Guest Speakers and KMI Faculty
      • Latest News – for Certification Grads worldwide
      • New Content – leverage new enhancements to the Certification program
    • Online/Interactive Learning for all Students
      • In addition to the live class experience, all students gain access to the full course online, via the eCKP (DVDs or LMS). Revisit critical modules months or even years after class, view instructor video and test your memory with our interactive checkpoints and quizzes.

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