Innovative Teams



Success in business is not a solo act and innovative teamwork confers substantial advantages to organizations that practice it extensively. This workshop will help develop team cohesion, alignment and innovation skills, thus setting the basis for teams to go beyond “good and efficient” to “creative and wow!” performance.


1 – 5 days or customized.

Participant Profile

All persons in a leadership role, all people who work in or with teams. This workshop will have immediate practical outcomes for teams with common challenges.


Participants will:

  • Explore the essentials of successful teams
  • Develop their own team cohesion, effectiveness and creativity
  • Learn how different personal preferences influence team development
  • Learn how to deal with team dysfunctions
  • Explore the essentials of good team leadership
  • Discover what it takes for a good team to become an innovative team
  • Learn creative method and techniques and apply these to their own
  • Have a good time!

Organizational Benefits

Organizations will achieve the alignment of personal and team goals. Individuals will learn the basic know-how of innovative teamwork – imagining new things and new ways of doing things together.


This workshop will introduce a model for successful teamwork based on a pyramid of Trust, Conflict-Resolution, Commitment, Accountability, Results – orientation. Team roles, stages of team development and team leadership will also be examined.

Participants will engage in the practical application of creative method and creativity tools and techniques, which serve as a powerhouse enabling the team to move from “efficient” to “innovative”.

The workshop includes highly interactive exercises, team challenges including relevant work-related challenges, original presentations supported by written material, and occasional ventures into the arts.

Innovative Teams Graph

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