Management of Business Continuity (BCM) for Government Institutions


This 5 day training course is for Managers and Senior Managers, including those who are relative newcomers to the subject at this level. It is also for those with some experience in BCM, Crisis Management, Risk, Security and related areas, but in need of formal BCM awareness training for government institutions.


The course offers a comprehensive strategic and tactical grounding in BCM from Business Impact Analysis (BIA) through to Strategy, Governance, Exercising and Plan Documentation. The course follows the International Standard for Business Continuity – ISO 22301:2012 and the Business Continuity Institute (BCI) Good Practice Guidelines – GPG 2013.

It is a strategic awareness and tactical training course, and lays the groundwork for future implementation by government managers for their own BCM roadmap. It is delivered in line with the new AE/SCNS/NCEMA 7000:2015 BCM standard and specification for UAE federal and government entities.

Course Description

This course gives the delegate a comprehensive subject matter grounding in the six Professional Practices (PP) of BCM and is ideal for senior delegates who are fairly new to the concept of Business Continuity Management, and for those who have had no formal BCM training. Delegates will understand the need to embed BCM as part of their organisational resilience strategy.

Key learning points

  • Achieving Executive ‘buy in’ and how BCM supports Vision, Mission & Values (VMV)
  • The nature of Incident Management
  • Concepts and Terminology
  • The Business Impact Analysis (BIA) – understanding the organisation
  • Risk Evaluation
  • The BCM Life Cycle
  • Choosing Resumption Strategies
  • Emergency, Continuity and Incident Management Plans
  • Exercising the Plan
  • Pandemic Planning (staff absence)
  • Raising Awareness and Embedding BCM in the Organisations Culture
  • Coping with the Media (Crisis Communications)
  • Management of the Continuity Programme
  • BCM Governance in a UAE government context
  • BCM Performance Management and KPI’s

Other relevant and associated course content

  • The journey from BCM to Resilience
  • 2 implementation case studies (Dept. of Transport (DOT) – Abu Dhabi, UAE & Bank of Muscat, Oman)
  • Case study – London 2012, the BCM and security challenge from a policing perspective
  • Case study – Metropolitan Police Service (London), corporate approach to BCM
  • Multiple video content that supports each stage of this interactive training
  • Overview and update on the NCEMA 7000 BCM standard 2015 and roadmap
  • Auditing your BCMS (ISO 22301) in conjunction with ISO 19001
  • Crisis Management – Guidance and Good Practice

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