The Art of Innovation Workshop

Art of Innovation


How can an organization make innovation part of its DNA, so it can fully realize its creative potential? This workshop helps leaders understand why developing innovation within a company is a multi-dimensional affair and how they can actively and successfully achieve it.


1-4 days or customized.

Participant Profile

CEOs, Leaders, Managers and all people with a stake in innovation and creative outcomes in organizations.


Participants will:

Organizational Benefits

A profound understanding of the fundamental, structural and cultural drivers of innovation and action to address these will make creativity a constant source of value and a way of life in the organization.


Innovative organizations mobilize the SOURCES of creativity in a well-designed STRUCTURE and with an appropriately-shaped CULTURE. It is the skilful synthesis of twelve elements - Talent, Energy, Method, Individual, Team, Target, System, Ideas, Freedom, Engagement, Humor and Risk - that makes an organization innovative.

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This workshop is based on The Art of Innovation - Integrating Creativity in Organizations©a book by Dimis Michaelides (2007). It will enable participants to explore each of the elements, diagnose their own organization and think up actions to develope and nurture innovation.

The workshop includes highly interactive exercises and original presentations supported by high quality written materials.

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