Creatively Confronting Challenges



This workshop applies creative method, tools and techniques to specific participant challenges, thus achieving powerful learning while resolving relevant business issues. It brings together personal development and teamwork for creative challenge exploration, idea generation for solutions, solution evaluation and action planning.

In this workshop participants may develop a high-level strategy or a mid-level business plan or creative ways of dealing with day-to-day operational challenges.


1 - 5 days or customized.

Participant Profile

All people at all levels in organizations of the private or public sector. This work-shop will have immediate practical outcomes for teams with common challenges.


Participants will:

Organizational Benefits

The systematic use of creative method has been shown to substantially improve an organization’s capacity to confront challenges and enhance happiness at work through participation in new solutions. This workshop serves as the basis for extensive projects on Strategy, Structure, Culture Change, Customer Excellence, Engaging People, Marketing and Sales Development.


The workshop is based on the I.D.E.A.S!™ model with systematic application of divergent and convergent thinking. It will introduce participants to a series of creative tools and techniques such as

Brainstorming, Picture Association, Squid Sketching, Magical Ideas, What’s Good About It, The Angel’s Advocate, Creative Visualization and others.

Participants will apply the method, tools and techniques to their own specific challenges.

The workshop includes highly interactive exercises, original presentations supported by written material, and occasional ventures into the arts.

The I.D.E.A.S!TM method

A 5-stage model for Creatively Confronting Challenges

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