Happiness at Work

Happiness @ work


This workshop will examine different views on happiness with a special focus on how it is expressed in the workplace and its relation to performance. Participants will be encouraged to reflect and take responsibility for their own and other people’s well-being as individuals and as managers.


1-2 days or customized.

Participant Profile

All people at all levels in organizations of the private or public sector. The emphasis may be different depending on participants’ profiles. This workshop will generate practical outcomes for organizations ready to re-evaluate and redesign their performance management practices.


Participants will:

Organizational Benefits

Leaders and managers will develop insights on how they might improve work performance by fostering happiness in their organization.


Engagement is the genuine involvement of people in the fortunes of an organization and the genuine involvement of an organization in the fortunes of its people. Engagement is therefore a moral contract that also generates passion and progress and enhances energy, a crucial source of creativity.

This workshop will use research beginning from the early twentieth century through to contemporary work and in particular the evidence-based theories of the past ten years.

The work of Maslow on human needs and Herzberg on motivation is presented. Frederick Taylor’s theories of work and Henry Ford’s practical implementation of these is juxtaposed with MacGregor’s management Theory X and Theory Y. Most of the theoretical emphasis however will be on theories of Flow by Czikzsentmihalyi, Positive Psychology by Seligman, Lyubomirsky, Diener, Fredriksson, Ben-Tahal and others.

Organizations will succeed in engaging employees through honest discussion to harmonize each other’s expectations on challenge, contribution, recognition, personal development and reward on a continuous basis. Remuneration and its structure is an important, though not the most important, factor for engagement.

This course is particularly powerful when combined with satisfaction surveys that participant organizations may administer from time to time.

Participants will engage in a voyage of self-discovery, as well as discovery of their colleagues and their company. The issues of Energy, Engagement, Trust, Individual, Team, Money and Diversity will be explored.

The workshop includes highly interactive exercises, team challenges including relevant work-related challenges, and original presentations.

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