Leading Innovation in Practice



What is your organization’s innovation all about and how do you make it happen? More and more organizational leaders the world over are recognizing the value of creativity and are taking personal responsibility for innovation. As organizations differ tremendously from one another, so do innovation road-maps. By understanding the specifics of innovation in its own particular context and by taking consequent action, an organization will derive the best possible value from innovation.

This comprehensive program will guide an organization to design its own specific innovation road-map and its implementation. The program will bring together innovation know how and expertise in organizational creativity, with the realities of the organization so as to design an innovation strategy and actions centered around its own challenges. From conception to outcome. In practice.


This is a customized program, the duration of which depends on the number of people participating, the depth of Performa’s involvement and the agreed outcomes. Performa’s engagement includes training, facilitation, and individual and team coaching for creatively confronting challenges, structure and culture change.

Participant Profile

All people with a stake in innovation and creative outcomes in the organization. The best results are achieved when there is full commitment of senior team.


By the end of our program, the organization will have:


Performa will design a customized program for your organization to enhance its innovation capacity which will include the following:

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This program will use our Art of Innovation model and the I.D.E.A.S! method for creatively confronting challenges. All persons involved will be equipped with a deep understanding of the factors that enable innovation as well as the obstacles. It will offer practical tools on how to conduct fruitful brainstorming sessions and how to best manage new ideas.

Individual and organizational learning will result from highly engaging activities and original presentations supported by high quality written materials.


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