Introduction to the Blockchain Revolution

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Course Overview

The advent of “distributed ledger technology” or Blockchain as a mainstream technology is a major landmark in the development of the world wide web, offering the potential to ebbed trust and security into the very heart of every transaction. Just as Netscape and then Google drove massive growth in usership of the web, the spread and adoption of blockchain will accelerate the growth of e-commerce and increase the adoption of cyber-currencies such as Bitcoin. This course is aimed at senior executives and managers, and focuses on the reality and potential that Blockchain’s trust protocol offers: not just in protecting cyber-currencies, but also across new business areas.

Initially the origins and development of Bitcoin is explained, and how trust and verification are at the heart of the system. There is a clear relationship between cryptography and the bitcoin system, and we look at how the transaction takes place from end to end, studying how the distributed ledger technology works, step by step. The second day focuses entirely on Bitcoin practicalities: how to buy and secure Bitcoins, where than be used, as well as how a merchant goes about setting up the systems to accept bitcoins.

The third day looks at the future of Blockchain, at the likely development of other cyber-currencies and the possibilities to leverage Blockchain into expanding financial inclusion through enabling micro-banking. The impact on the internet of things is also set to be significant, but that leads to one of the biggest issues around both blockchain and bitcoin, namely the rise in its use for money-laundering.

Who should attend

This is an introductory course, it is not a blockchain developer’s course, hence it is focused at informing anyone who is interested in using bitcoins, or in why this single revolutionary development is likely to have such far-reaching consequences in local and global commerce. It is a must for anyone who wants to stay on the leading edge of technological evolution. Understanding the implications of blockchain is a key skill for managing digital transformation both at the corporate and personal level.

Learn about

The origins of Bitcoin as a fiat currency * the functions development of currency * asset and transactional ledgers * trust & verification * BGP – the trust problem * the relationship between bitcoin and cryptography * how a bitcoin transaction works * distributed ledger technology * bitcoin creation * bitcoin usage * buying and selling bitcoins * digital keys * digital signatures * where you can use your bitcoins * merchant acceptance * securing your bitcoins * other cryptocurrencies * the purpose of Blockchain * the future of blockchain * blockchain and micro-banking * blockchain and payment processing * blockchain and the IOT * the dangers of blockchain * blockchain and money-laundering.

Clients trained:

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